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TSA5002 - Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter - I2S digital Input

TSA5002 - Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter - I2S digital Input

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This is a compact size digital input bluetooth 5.3 audio transmitter board. Maybe your have a I2S digital output audio player without Bluetooth integrated. And you don't want use cable connect with our amplifier board. You can use this little thing to let your audio player connect with your Bluetooth amplifier board wirelessly. It has a small PCB antenna inside the enclosure. You don't need connect any external antenna.

No need install any drivers. Just connect the I2S signal to the I2S input port. Power it on. It will auto search and connect the Bluetooth receiver. TSA5002 is a I2S slave device. Please make sure your I2S output device are I2S master.


I2S input port:

  • SD
  • LRCK
  • BCLK
  • MCLK (No use)
  • GND

Pair button:

  • Long press 3 seconds into searching mode
  • Long press 5 seconds clear the pairing info.


How to pair?

  1. Keep your TSA5002 bluetooth transmitter and bluetooth receiver device within 5m. Please make sure the antenna has been installed.
  2. Turn on your bluetooth receiver device, keep it in pairing mode
  3. Power on your TSA5002 bluetooth transmitter, It will auto reconnect the last paired device. Blue LED slow blink(1Hz).
  4. If reconnect the last paired device failed. If will try to search and connect the new Bluetooth device arounded. Bluetooth LED fast blink.
  5. New Bluetooth device connected. Blue LED stay on.

If TSA5002 failed find the new Bluetooth device. Blue LED slow blink (2Hz). Please check your Bluetooth receiver and make sure it's in pairing mode.



  • This bluetooth audio transmitter can works with our bluetooth audio amplifier boards perfectly.



  • Bluetooth v5.3 specification support
  • I2S digital input
  • Sampling Rate: 48KHz
  • Bit per Sample: 16 bit, 24bit, 32bit.
  • aptX, aptX Low Latency, aptX HD, SBC and AAC
  • Bluetooth protocol: A2DP
  • QTIL's proximity pairing and QTIL's proximity connection
  • Dimensions: 41x56.5x20mm
  • Power consumption: 6mA@5V
  • Weight: 19g

Shipping list:

  • 1 x TSA5002 audio transmitter
  • 1 x JST XH Jumper 2 Wire -2.0mm
  • 1 x JST XH Jumper 5 Wire -2.0mm


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