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TSA1200 Audio Amplifier IR Remote Control Kit

TSA1200 Audio Amplifier IR Remote Control Kit

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This IR kit includes a TSA1200 module and a IR remote controller and also the connection cable. It can works with those audio amplifier boards which has a BVC port. After connected the TSA1200 to the audio amplifier board BVC port, user can use the IR controller control the audio volume +/- and forward/rewind the music or play/pause the music.

There also have 5 buttons on the board. User can control the audio amplifier board by press these real buttons. User can also connect their own external buttons to the TSA1200. All 5 buttons share the same GND pin.

NOTE: Some old batch bluetooth amplifier board may need update the Bluetooth PSR file before works with TSA1200. Contact us to get the updated PSR file.

NOTE: All the international shipping method can't contains battery in the package. We have removed the IR controller cell battery. You need buy a CR2025 cell battery for the IR controller.


People can design their own controller to control the amplifier board volume +/- and forward/rewind the music or play/pause. According this BVC protocol.

BVC Protocol:

Port name Pin name Direction Pulse Output time Description
BVC 5V -                                  
GND -    
INC Digital Out 100ms~500ms Forward
DEC Digital Out 100ms~500ms Rewind
INC Digital Out 800ms~1500ms Volume +
DEC Digital Out 800ms~1500ms Volume -
INC+DEC Digital Out 100ms~500ms Pause
SEL Digital In   N/A


The IR controller need to pair with the TSA1200 board before use it. We have paired them before ship them out. If we lost the pair info and need pair them again. Here is the steps:

  1. Long press one of the button. Working state LED slow blink.
  2. Press the corresponded button on the IR controller. Working state LED fast blink 1 second and back to solid.
  3. Pair the next button


TSA1200 can works with these boards:




  • Size: 6.6cm x 3.8cm
  • IR audio control
  • External buttons port
  • Working voltage: DC5V
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