How to set the Bluetooth5.0 module go straight into paring mode

How to set the Bluetooth5.0 module go straight into paring mode

The default configuration is that Bluetooth 5.0 requires a key operation to search for Bluetooth and then play music. If you don't want to perform key operation, and you want to search for CSR8675 Bluetooth by directly turning on the Bluetooth of your phone, you need to perform the following configuration.



Hardware and Software required:



Connect the CSR USB-SPI programmer and Tag-Connect line with an AudioB Plus convert board, then connect CSR USB-SPI to your computer by a mini USB cable and windows will auto detect it and install the drivers.


Connect TC2050-IDC-NL’s connector to AudioB5 programming port. You need to locate the single steel alignment pin of the connector into the single hole of the PCB footprint, then press down softly to engage the spring-pin contacts. Make sure the first 6 pins have a good contact with the corresponding pads. Then the blue led and red led will flash alternately.




You you can open the "ADK Configuration Tool" software.Select USB SPI and click GO Normal button and then click Read Device button.



Click on User Events under the User Interfaces directory.Modify Logical Input ID(s) Assigned ,State Mask and Button Timing on the third line.



Modify Logical Input ID(s) Assigned.

Click 0. and a window will pop up.Uncheck 0. and click OK.Logical Input ID(s) Assigned becomes empty.



Modify State Mask.

Click 3FFE and a window will pop up.Uncheck all options except Connectable and click OK.State Mask changed to 0002.



Modify Button Timing.

Click DOUBLE will have Drop-down box and select VLONG.Button Timing changed to VLONG.



Check the modified content as shown, and then click Write Device button.



Re-power the module. No need double click the pair button. You smartphone will be able find the module now.

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